Recent Projects

Things I've been working on recently. A couple were done for coursera classes and a couple are just fun side projects. Lately I have enjoyed expanding my experience to new stacks and languages. Working with python and node has been exciting!

Space Bounty Blog

A wordpress site hosted on Amazon Web Services EC2.

Location based venue app

An app that takes a users latitude and longitude positions, and then queries the Foursquare api for locations nearby!

Python Games

A collection of games written in python that I developed for a Coursera class. They can be played by placing the code in a python interpreter, such as CodeSkultpor. Some games don't work perfectly, this is what I could find leftover from the course.

Bitcoin Kickstarter

This is a responsive landing page built like most kickstarters, except that it has the ability to take bitcoin as payment. This was a project for a Coursera class where startup ideas competed for donations and publicity. I was more interested in the development experience, but you can see my site on the leaderboard (#73).